Informant by Victoria Burgess

It was supposed to be easy. An easy job, easy money. But nothing ever turns out the way you think it will...


“This one had me hook line and sinker from the very first page. It was un-put-downable."


“I am so sold for any further books this author writes. There is no way I could not give the author 5+ stars!!! Love love love!!”


“I seriously could not turn away. I read this book in 7 straight hours. I planned to spread it over 2 days. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I finished it @ 3 AM.”


“BUY THIS BOOK!!! Victoria Burgess, you just became a go-to author for me after just 1 book!!!”

Courting Chloe Victoria Burgess
Courting Chloe

A City Boy  Sexy, rich, and seriously single Brooklyn bar owner Ian Dowling thinks he has his life totally under control. It just takes one rainy night, one drunken driver, to shatter everything.


A Country Nurse  Chloe Edmonds is convinced she can handle any male... as long as he's furry, has four legs and a tail. Romantic relationships? Not so much. So when Ian Dowling and his injured nephew arrive needing her help, Chloe is determined to keep a safe distance. Tough to do when Ian is determined to get closer...


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